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We are service providers for immunecell applications in healthcare!

In cooperation with physicians and international laboratories we offer the latest immunological cell therapies not only for Alzheimer’s and cancer patients on the basis of effective cell regeneration.


The immunology and immunobiology deals with the biological and biochemical basis of physical defense of the organism against pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.


Oncology is a field of internal medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and especial with conservative therapy and aftercare of malignant cancer diseases.


Tropism is generally concerned with the change of organism after infection; the field of neurotrophy is related to the impairment of neuronal brain functions by infections.
Research 30%
Development 45%
Applications 65%
Services 95%
  • “With Dr. Zembold I connect decades of excellent cooperation with his previous position as managing director and head of several healthcare projects. With his new Project OnkoLab I wish you continued success and the retention of our successful cooperation. “
    Dr. med. Naddaf, CMO - Clinica Alemana, Marbella, Spain
  • “About Dr. Zembold: I associate a very good working relationship with his former position as managing director and project manager at europaclinic AG. I wish his new OnkoLab initiative continued success and the continuation of our successful cooperation. “
    Dr. Gellenbeck, MD - Akupunktur Praxis, Düsseldorf